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FALL 2017 Trends and Fashion Week Favourites


Multiple items made me sigh this season, and today I decided to sit down for a moment (or for a good couple hours) to make a faire selection of some of the most stunning and relevant outfits for autumn winter 2017. Honestly it was hard enough since I could easily make a never ending post and go on and on forever, but I finally came round to a list and these are a few of the outfits that impressed me the most this season.





So the repetitive pattern for the upcoming season was:

.Leather. Black, red, yellow, in any shape and colour, this baby isn’t going anywhere…
.Maxi. Broad shoulders, puffy sleeves, super oversize dresses, a huge 80s vibe going strong here. I could honestly live on this trend.
.Metallics. Maybe a little harder to add into our everyday wardrobe but definitely a strong one this season. Specially in long skirts, blouses and dresses, great to spice it up a little and to throw on at a night out.   
.Suit-up! (With Barney’s voice obviously) Women continue to slay suits and I’m all about that. Oversize blazers, white shirts and buttoned up pants. SLAY!
.Red everywhere, coats, pants, in leather, anything really. I tend to go for a darker redo because I feel more comfortable in it and it goes better with my style, but definitely dare to try any red you want!
.Legging boots. That strange feeling when you don’t really know what they’re wearing, well, that’s exactly what they want. The longer the better, is the new thing apparently (and even better if is in white)
.Puffer jackets -dah-
.Velvet. Oh dreamy velvet, in purple, mustard, dark blue and dark green, and those are only a few… I’ve literally died and woke up in velvet heaven
.Deconstructed. This beautiful asymmetric trend kills me (why does everything good has to kill me tho) but it does… Confusing cuts, one sleeve shirts, oversize and deconstructed is the way to go.
.70s plaid. This time the classic 90s grunge plaid was replaced for a different time era, the 70s. A new twist that really catched my eyes this season.
.Belted Coats. The details around the waist are a must, and for a bolder abroad put them around a maxi coat!
.Art in your ears. Creativity has taken the shape of earrings, sometimes only on one ear. Amazing big pieces with minimalist shapes that reminded us of modern art were shown all over fashion week, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those beauties.
Comment bellow which were your favourite trends this fashion week!


  1. I adore the maxi trend! The billowing sleeves and defined shoulders give me life. The asymmetrical cutouts are so innovative and refreshing. I feel like suits are honestly a timeless trend; so classy!

    1. Love your thoughts! and the trends are legit the best. Thank you for the comment <3


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